Freedy Johnston – Madeline's Eye Lyrics

Freedy Johnston – Madeline’s Eye Lyrics

[Freedy Johnston – Madeline’s Eye Lyrics]

Looking in Madeline’s eye, Madeline’s eye
I see her settings are off a mile
So I get out the book, look for the tools
Won’t be long and she’ll be good as new

She’s a unit I bought on time
With a face from a long-lost dream
When she tells me how she feels
Man, she’s almost real

Looking in Madeline’s heart, Madeline’s heart
I see the problem right from the start
She’s been wondering why, and wondering when
So I set her to default again

She’s a unit with everything
Even automatic tears
But she counts her life in hours
Instead of years

I gave her good memories
And some trouble to make it real
She blinks when she comes back on
Says ‘where’ve I been?’

Looking in Madeline’s eye, Madeline’s eye
I see everything’s alright
Hey there Madeline girl, Madeline girl
You just fainted there for a while

She’s a unit from new/old stock
With a face from a dream I saved
When she tells me about our past
I almost believe