Foyer Red – Pickles Lyrics

Pickles Lyrics By Foyer Red

Try to let the air out slowly
It’s been sitting here since the last time you felt lonely
It’s nobody’s problem

Try to keep my glands from sweating
Fever overtakes everything within these four brick walls
But there’s no one to solve it

Try to keep my composition
Soot and sawdust coat my airway just the same as yesterday
I’m part of the problem

It’s callused territory, this system’s temporarily
Deprived of logic
Your air is toxic to breathe

Still I
Watching cracks run down the walls

High pitched hissing in between the sputters
Lean back to touch and I shudder

Every night my mouth is dry
Past the point of sacrifice

Nothing in this world’s
Who told you to hold
All that pressure in your bones

Every morning im alright
A pickle wants a bite

Try to let it all come easy
You can see right through the concrete but you won’t see me
You’re part of the problem

The paint is peeling off the ceiling
It’s been raining down like summer’s only sigh of relief
But I like the feeling

What grew
Of sand
Are no match for tempered winds

Facing the north side
You don’t get enough light

Slow burn
Save what
You can

Watch the walls as they give

Nothing in this world’s
You don’t have to hold
Up that pressure on your own
The fire has been stoked
There is no reproach
What’s left will be rubble
Don’t you think it might be time to go

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