2022 , and we jus’ elevated
We’re jus’ rappin’ , makin’ money off this entertainment
Ain’t nobody in this world that can fit in my shoes
We told ‘em , put them guns away ,
They killed us with the flu

Half the time , I be plottin’ on how to reach my goals
Nights was cold , not everything was glittered in gold
So I smoke on the same colour I’m sippin’ on
Pockets hella fat , what you thinkin’ a n**** limpin’ for

Never fold , my people is who I do it for
This ain’t my pinnacle , n***** already tremblin’ though
Runnin’ the game , I’m locked in like Figure-four
Fine figure hoe , she lookin’ like Imma take her home

Shawty said iss’ sumn’ bout my energy
She used to be gang , now she’s an enemy
Jealousy , envy and greed is all I see
I got a kid to feed n**** , fucc a twitter feed


And I got bads from across the boarder , they gorgeous
Hittin’ my line every time a n**** recordin’ huh
But I just cannot afford it nah

N***** thinkin’ that iss’ a game
I got labels all in my mentions , they’re tryna clout off my name ,
It ain’t no thing , I keep it cleaner than my Jays
I’ve been fire since I started , why you think my name is FLVME

Blood , sweat , tears and my heart in this
Gave me ultra instincts yeah , autonomous
I’m watchin’ out for the snakes , I’m hearin’ all the hiss
That’s why I can’t let you n***** be a part of this

Lately , everybody callin’ wanna give advice
Same people that would never make a sacrifice
And I know that the revolution won’t be televised
So if they wanna see the boy , they gotta pay the price