Fizzler – Wid The Blicky Lyrics

Wid the Blicky Lyrics By Fizzler

I heard there on it
Let’s put dat test like general knowledge
I’m no hero In dis city Gotham
I’m a joker to feds I’m a problem
Slugs get thrown in the air like juggling
Duck quick or heads ur backs buzzin
Pissed cah I held that search for nothing
I told bro we could’ve of lost em lost em
Sl boy so I might mingles
Put food in to town tinsel
My name ring bells like jingles
So there smoke on deck it ain’t singles
I got a button I dare man push it
Let’s go now the gang gang looking
I won’t do it for the net like Brooklyn
If there was a risk on my plate den I took it
Fly str8 be active gang
Vb is usual suspect
It’s 2smokey wen we’re on dem
U ain’t back ur friends run den
They sed wat they like gunman
Come meet the gang u’ll love dem
Talk thought feet up
N s g u might run of options
On me Glee Squeeze
Download it like MP3
I’ve been the light like LED
Now when I rap you can’t get it for free
I got some pain in me
Bullets with name lemme empty this
Los said he is gonna step with me
Blicky Flicky I got with me
Wid Blicky I’m Flicky
I’ll show u magic abra cadabr
I play number 10 wazza
So Sometimes I forget I’m rapper
Baby take it
It don’t matter
I need locked like my bros in the slammer
I played with AC like kaka
How manbanking scams bought hammers
bad boy like Timz
Cah I’m gun loading
Phone bro been rolling
North ting been boning
Still wanna hold this ting
Because I’m still getting bread on hovis ting
He’s a bum I can’t notice on him
Only take Ls when I’m smoking spliffs
Dior kicks I love this drip
I got my ting on a daily GRM
Smoke a man need 3 them
Say that outside but I ain’t seeing them
Are they involved why are they preein’ dem
It’s cool can’t see the g in em
Flex back to a g again Amiri I got like 3 of them
Do the drill and a man get rid