Elf Power – The Gas Inside the Tank Lyrics

The Gas Inside the Tank Lyrics By Elf Power

Feels like the wind is trapped under the skin
Warm light pours down from space onto the ground
Steadily siphoning the gas inside the tank
Trailing behind us, all the memories going blank
Cold rings, dark clouds, destruction made you proud

Born twice, warm glow, the baby starts to know
Increasing information, clogging up the veins
Filled up the hours with inversions of the claims
Opening up all the bended corners folded tight
Can’t see the words obscured beneath the dimming yellow light

Good night, all done, wait for what’s not begun
Some lay surprised, some burst back up outside
Unveiling evolution, stripped of all disguise
Slowly advancing from the thought into the crime
The tattered decorations all still dangle up above
As others lay unseen beneath us covered in the dust