Do you have an iPhone 12, iPhone 13? Can you fix all of this? Do you know how?

iPhone 13


Apple Inc. will begin providing parts and tools for customers to repair their own devices, a major change in the old policy of who can repair expensive devices. The self-service program announced on Wednesday initially allows screen, battery, and camera repairs for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Later, customers will also be able to repair Macs with the M1 chip.

The service won’t be available in the US until early next year but will roll out to other countries in 2022. Apple and other technology companies keep repairs under tight control and limit the supply of parts and tools to certified stores.

More than half of US states have considered laws requiring electronics companies, including Apple and Microsoft Corp., to make it easier for customers to repair their own devices, but many have either refused or been denied.

According to Apple, it currently has more than 5,000 certified Apple service providers and 2,800 independent repair providers “By providing better access to genuine Apple parts, our customers have more options when repairs are needed,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

(ANI): The US tech giant Apple’s latest beta version of iOS 15.2 has corrected the macro mode confusion for the iPhone 13 Pro by adding a button that allows users to enable and disable it. According to The Verge, the icon, which looks like a small flower, appears whenever the user is close enough to an object to take a macro photo and allows users to easily switch between enabling and disabling the automatic macro mode without needing to change the Sign-in setting.

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It’s reported that if a user disables automatic macros, a button will appear when they get close to something, Touching it mainly activates auto macro and switches the user’s phone to macro mode. Touching the button again will turn off the auto macro and switch the user back to the normal camera.

A few days after the iPhone 13 launched, some tech geeks have found that the automatic transition to macro mode can be annoying as the phone changes lenses without showing any change in the user interface (the lens display doesn’t change from 1x to 0.5.). x as usual).

According to The Verge, Apple fixed this issue by introducing a switch (Settings > Camera > Auto Macro) that would allow users to turn off the automatic toggle, but that makes things a little tricky.

By simply switching to the ultra-wide-angle camera and zooming in on the subject, users get different macro results – to fully reproduce the macro effect, users must also manually zoom in up to 0.9x.

The hot fixes in 15.2 Beta 2 will make things easier. If the user doesn’t want to think about it, they can leave Auto Macro on and the iPhone 13 Pro will take macro photos when the user is close enough to the subject.

If someone prefers finer control or thinks the switch is wobbling, they can turn off Auto Macro, but still have easy access to the mode if they want via the button that pops up when the phone thinks it’s trying to take a macro photo, The Rand reports.

However, It is reported that there is speculation that these adjustments will remain the same throughout the beta process and will be part of the final 15.2 release.