Djo – Change Lyrics

Djo – Change Lyrics

[Djo – Change Lyrics]

In a conversation
But my mind is out the back door
Watching this unfold like I am floating right above it
Jake is on his phone
And I’ll admit that I don’t love it
I just said that when my friends moved here I’d interact more

Who am I to judge I just detach
That might be harder
Harder not to tell you man, what’s really going on
In a conversation and I’m
looking right down on it
Then you pull my body back and whisper in my ear

Its easy to see it all with you
It might be right there

Somethings happening to me
A passing glance I see
In your eyes
The man that I could be

For a minute in the sunlight
At the mention of the conflict
I change
When the jacket doesn’t fit right
When you know it isnt perfect

At altitude
My mind aint on it
On the door
Entire years I locked away
But I can recollect a memory that I have forgotten
Cut your ties,
Believed your lies,
Your final accolade

But every mistake I’ve ever made
Has let me right here
Its easier to refuse to change
Year after year

Somethings happening to me
A change that I can see
I thought that change was bad
But you have changed my mind
And put my heart at ease
I don’t know what will be

Somethings happening to me (And I don’t even think I wanna know)
A passing glance I see (Just let go)
In your eyes
The man that I could be