Disq – If Only Lyrics

Disq – If Only Lyrics

I wish I still got better sleep without another next to me, I’m lonely
If only I knew how you feel, my legs could stop their shaking
My heart could stop its breaking, if only

If I could cut this tangled cord I know things would be better
But I think I could never
You won’t leave

In a dream, are you calling out to me
Or am I just saying things I wanna hear when I’m asleep
Could it be?
Should I read, develop vocabulary? But the concept that I must express is nothing new to me

I would rewind and fix it all, but if I had the chance to
I’d probably still hurt you, and you me

If only you could see my light you’d come back home tomorrow night and hold me
But I know that just can’t be right
You build me up on Sunday, I’m down again by Monday
If only