DiepCity Season 2: Can Patrick make up for 23 years of being a deadbeat father in just a few weeks?

The absent father – DiepCity
The absent father – DiepCity


Patrick Ngwenya has been missing for so many years from MaShenge and her daughter Nokuthula’s life that we never thought we would ever meet the mystery deadbeat father. However, fate led him to marry Nomaweni, MaShenge’s boss and he was united with the daughter he denied and never met, Nokuthula.


Ever since Patrick found Nokuthula, he has been completely enamored of her.

He has also splurged on her: Taking her out on expensive dates and even promising to buy her a car.


His efforts, although late, have been well received by Nokuthula who is happy to finally belong and have a biological father she can call her own.

Since Patrick has no other children, Nokuthula has her father to herself.

But can Patrick make up for the 23 years of her life that he missed with just a few expensive gifts and groceries?

Can he replace the beautiful role Bonga played in Nokuthula’s life as her father while he was running away?


What can Patrick do to earn Nokuthula’s love and respect after abandoning her?

Patrick’s latest demand of his daughter is for her to change her surname to his – Ngwenya in just a few short weeks of them knowing each other.

Could Patrick be trying to fill the void he has in his heart because he is unable to have other children with his wife, Nomaweni?


Nomaweni is yet to find out that her husband has a love child from his youth, and she has been cracking her head trying to figure out what or who has been taking up all his time lately.

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We don’t know what this all means for our favorite Jele family, but we know it spells drama, drama, and more drama.

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