Defcee & BoatHouse – Cash Lyrics

Cash Lyrics By Defcee & BoatHouse

Earth is my wingspan.
Jesters pull the strings, push the buttons, watch the kings dance.
Heart beat through layers on my body like a heat scan.
There’s no future in their frontin, while my forecast’s rainin free bands.

I ran up the score, they said, The game cheated.
Dark horse lappin your champions from the eighth seeding.
Ask your favorite rappers from Chicago, I been way decent.
You’re the dictionary’s definition.
It’s not the same meaning.
Crest of my wave leaning off a center stage, screaming

sound from above and beneath like when tape’s bleeding.
Shake demons through speakers across the page, speeding
moral of the story only arrived in a chase sequence.
Training montage bars: drank the yolk, lifted boxcars.
Your fanbase is a stockyard.
If you left a good first impression, it was a false start.
My last tape’s the holy grail of a lost art.

Cash on hand when you hit me for a verse
And I need the second half fore I’m finished with the work.
Or it’s all on the arm if you ever held me down
so my name rings even when I haven’t been around.

Twelve hours’ notice, out-of-focus cinematography. How they’re living is a little different from the marketing.
I’ve been told that honesty’s the cross I’ll bear.
Yeah. I’m already knowing cuz I hauled it here.
Everybody Paul Revere ‘less the redcoats show up,
and who we thought friends pretend they don’t know us
until they need a favor, and we’re haters if we decline it.

Wading out a portal slingin science.
Finally made immortal, shame your silence.
Stomping down the mountain, waking giants.
The most you’ve taken off the table is my buy-in.
There’s nothin plastic bout my top five bag,
shook their stony disposition into rock slide slabs.
Rap is hydrogen peroxide for all my scabs.
I put the bottle down and caught my draft, at long last

Put the bottle down and caught my draft, at long last