DDG – Whiskey Freestyle Lyrics

Whiskey Freestyle Lyrics By DDG

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind
Booked in a BnB, sh!t could get tricky
On tour in philly, they popping they wheelie
Been made a million your b!tch can get near me
She told me she, I texted back ily
That’s not a shorty, that’s all of our shorty’s

So if she get pregnant we going on Maury
Hit when I’m h*rny, then dip in the morning
She boring, you love her you corny
Money the mission, I’m ball like a piston
These niggas ain’t listen, I told ’em I’m winning
See three different b!tches
They sniffing that coco it’s white like a pigeon

She off the molly she rolling she rocky
A ten she a hottie she hot as a Taki
Baby get naughty I’m all in her body
She said I’m a player my attitude cocky
They know I got it, I don’t gotta flex
Straight from the bottom, we cashing the checks
Word on the street is they saying I’m next
Don’t gotta speak you can send it in text
Only elites I’m removing the pest
Just like a baby I’m s*cking her chest
All in her dental my semen is crest
As soon as she seen it I’m sticking and stroking

She tooted, I’m poking
I need me a trojan my sh!t hella potent
LA I’m toting these niggas is scoping
They hungry, they hopeless, they slide in the open
DDG popping, I’m one of the hottest
I’m just being honest I started in college
Dripping, I’m styling, the industry wilding
I’m the first one to do it, I’m really iconic
VVS diamonds, my cartier shining
I wear it to sleep in my dream, I be dripping
Stopped smoking way too much weed I be tripping
Sipping on henny and lean, I be tipsy
You want a feature for me give me fifty
My phone on dnd b!tch I be busy
Popping out at all these events I be crispy
I like to turn up and sh!t off the whiskey