List Of Dangerous Google Play Store Apps You Should Delete

List of dangerous Google Play Store Apps you should delete

Google Play Store Apps


Dangerous Google Play Store Apps you should delete in your phone

Remarkable apps from the Google Play Store are very risky, as this security researcher has just discovered. So, if you are an Android phone user, be sure to read this! Cybercriminals launch a joker malware attack on your phone! Tatiana Shishkova, Kaspersky Labs Android malware analyst, has spotted the Joker virus in 14 innocent-looking Android apps, some of which are currently on the Google Play Store.

In a series of tweets, analysts called out Android apps that were embedded in virus-infected apps from the Google Play Store. The analyst even made a list of the Android apps he found, and the list of apps infected with Joker is shown below. Scary enough, the Joker malware can access your OTP, money-based subscriptions, SMS, contact lists, and other information on your phone.

Lists of Google Play Store apps infected with Joker malware that you need to remove from your phone

  •  Remote control for smart TV
  • Simple PDF scanner app
  • Louder Equalizer volume booster
  •  Flashlight signal on call
  • Hearing aids to increase volume
  •  Balloon effect with animation to charge the battery
  • Now scan the QR code
  • Super Click VPN
  • Animated background images to charge battery
  •  Classic keyboard for emoji
  • Amazing keyboard
  •  EmojiOne keyboards
  •  Halloween Coloring
  •  Superhero effect

The most reliable way to avoid stumbling prey to malware is to contact app developers and avoid downloading apps from unknown developers. You can also read the description of this app in the Play Store. You will find many inconsistencies as well as problems with grammar and some other points provided by these cybercriminals.