DaBaby – Too Easy Freestyle Lyrics

Too Easy Freestyle Lyrics By DaBaby

Man, nigga, this sh!t too easy, f*ckin’ that ho in my Yeezys
Won’t take ’em off, soon as I’m done, I’m leaving
She beggin’ me for to stay
I’m havin’ business to handle, can’t waste time creepin’
She got to thinkin’ I’m bae
I guess it’s my fault, my feelings change with the seasons
I cuff H0es when it’s cold outside
Then I get gone when it’s H0es outside
Pull up on ’em niggas and hear, “Oh my god,”
Pull up on ’em niggas in a cold ass ride
I used to serve niggas pound everyday
In a fishbowl rental with a old .45
I ain’t even have to use the scale no more
When half of most niggas wouldn’t know my lyin’

Me and you are not the same, you a misdemeanor, nigga
I get mad and send a hit on me a nigga
I flash out, pull that stick out, uh
Never go back ’bout a b!tch
That ain’t part of my pimpin’, that ain’t how I get down, yeah
I slap a grown ass man in front of all his niggas
Let’s see who the b!tch now
All out the window, yeah nigga, I’m here
I know we supposed to be mad at DaBaby
And that nigga cancelled, but that nigga lit
And these niggas’ H0es, I came from the bottom
I didn’t have sh!t, wasn’t even supposed to see this
She get to starin’ as soon as I hop out the car
I didn’t even have on a fit
Came back with the fade on them H0es
Uh, yeah, lookin’ just like Money Mitch
Uh, nigga, this sh!t too easy

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That’s a FN on my hip, no beeper
I don’t trust none of these H0es, no sir
I ain’t claimin’ none of these H0es, not even
Niggas talkin’ ’bout Baby on the blogs
Nigga, so what, do somethin’, I’m pleadin’
And I ain’t have to show me a nigga what’s happenin’ in a while
Trigger finger motherf*ckin’ squeezin’
Scratchin’ it, now that b!tch itchin’
I’m back in this b!tch where I’m stuck with that iron
Any one of you niggas f*ck with me wrong

On my big bro, it’s gon’ be a killing
I got on my motherf*ckin’ grind, when the money slow down niggas got in they feelings
f*ck on her slow and I don’t even kiss her
I’m a dog ass nigga, Baby
Huh? Yeah, nigga this sh!t too easy
f*ckin’ that ho in my Yeezys
I’m in this b!tch with the Leakers
Yeah, huh? Nigga this sh!t too easy
Uh, f*ck on that ho in my – uh
I’m in this b!tch with the– let’s go