BBNaija Reunion Day 9: Cross, Angel Narrates Falling Sick And Unconscious; Speak On CrossGel, Dubai Trip [VIDEO]

Cross Angel Narrates Falling Sick And Unconscious
Cross Angel Narrates Falling Sick And Unconscious



The uproarious Cross Okonkwo and Angel Smith relationship dynamic made the show’s spotlight topic for episode nine.

Cross for the first time since this season’s reunion program commenced was in the spotlight and it was for his fl!rtatious reputation.

Here are the highlights below

Angel’s allegations against Cross

Right at the beginning of the episode, host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu played a clip of the duo fl!rting; he admonished both parties to shed light on the dynamics of their relationship.

The Duo agreed that they enjoyed each other’s company despite the presence of s*xual energy. However, neither of the ex-housemates took the affair to the next level even after the show came to a conclusion.

Angel accused Cross of being a “hypocrite” and a “gaslighter” who did not match the love and energy that she brought to their strictly platonic; no friends with benefits or strings attached (for clarity) friendship.

The 22-year-old went further to unravel a long list of ‘all the things she had done for Cross including personally cooking for him when he was ill despite having a cook, traveling the fiery Third Mainland bridge to visit with him, and offering him money when he ran out of cash during their Dubai trip.

Cross’ response to Angel’s accusations

In response to Angel’s accusations, Cross insisted he gave their friendship his best but did not care so much for answering her persistent call to share a list. Instead, he cited a period when she went missing for 72 hours only for her family members to involve the Police, and they ended up finding her unconscious on the floor.

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Angel’s contradictory attitude, he claims, was a big factor in their outside-the-House feud.

Cross noted, “I actually don’t understand our friendship to be honest. At some point, we are cool and in the next few days she will just ghost me. There was a time, Angel ghosted everyone around her including her mum and grandma. No one knew where she was. The police and everyone couldn’t find her. When I saw her, she was unconsciously lying on the floor. She could have died if I didn’t show up on time”.

Cross didn’t provide more information on how Angel got herself in such a situation. However, Angel was quick to tell Ebuka and fellow ex-Housemates that she was sick at that period of time.


Reality Star, Angel pointed out that Cross wasn’t engaging in her posts on social media despite the fact that they were very good friends, but he was comfortably engaging in some other housemates’ posts even though he was never close to them in the house.

However, speaking on this issue, Cross’ explanation for his actions implied that he was only trying to avoid fueling the Crossgel ship.

Cross explained that the Crossgel Ship was really huge and he just didn’t want to give it a show. He stated that he just wanted him and Angel to be themselves. Cross also revealed that he didn’t accept any gifts from the shippers in this regard and Angel also stated that she didn’t accept gifts from the shippers either.

He agreed with Ebuka when he said he didn’t want to fuel the ship, but also didn’t want to quench it either.

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The back and forth ended with the duo insisting they no longer wanted anything to do with each other.