Crack Cloud – Please Yourself Lyrics

[Crack Cloud – Please Yourself Lyrics]

Please yourself reactive ass motherf*cker
Then redact all the sh!t on your mind
Flee from those that compromise security
No one is worth when theres sh!t on the line

Well tell me all about it
Why don’t you tell me all about it
Why don’t you tell me about that
When you just watch on the sidelines
I don’t think that you’re a puppet
But I wonder why you always nosedive
Creeping around in the shade of your blinds
Yeah f*cking around speaking of chains

I don’t think you really want change
If faking’s enough to feel okay
Faking the funk that’s around you
Not giving a f*ck about what you do
Collecting the praise and the gratitude
Forgetting that your voice has magnitude
I don’t think that you are real
Yeah I don’t buy into your speel
When all is bled out of your soul
Just remember that this is the art of the deal

As much as I can be
I want it so badly and I want it now