Conway The Machine – TRU Bethel Lyrics

Conway the Machine – TRU Bethel Lyrics

Conway the Machine TRU Bethel Lyrics (feat. 2 Chainz)

Yeah, mmm, hahaha
God is the greatest
He’s been good to me
Yeah, look

I know the lord is protectin’ me, but I still keep me a chopper (I got it, nigga)
Fifty up in the extendo, no weapon that’s for niggas, me that’s gon’ prosper (Brr)
Told you the game, I’ma lock up, bust the whole Cuban link, even the lock up (Bling)
Free all the real niggas locked up, told the jeweler forty pointer the watch up (Woo)
Now the b!tches gotta watch us (Talk to ’em), now the b!tches see I levelled up (Hah)
You ain’t on my level, I’ma level up (Uh), I just poured the deuce up in my 7-Up (Drink)
b!tches I’m seducin’ isn’t regular, put the b!tch in Gucci, I’ma dress her up (Woo)
All this drip from Louis fill my dresser up (Cap), I can see the lord keep on blessin’ us (Woo)

The lord keep on blessin’ us, man, hahaha
He’s been good, yeah

I’m not like the rest of you niggas, I go to your hood, put a check on you, nigga
A shooter pull up, put a TEC to you, nigga, wet you, then left you a vegetable, nigga (Brr)
That ho sh!t you on unacceptable, nigga, I shoot, I get foul, I get technical, nigga (Hah)
Yeah, even before this Corona sh!t, still didn’t wanna be next to you niggas (Hahahaha)
Yeah, look at my legacy, legacy (Woo), God just keep blessin’ me, definitely
Yeah, f*ckin’ Vanessa and Stephanie, jeweler just bust the Rolex, he VS-in’ me
Yeah, can’t give you the rest of the recipe (Nah), bullets in the head and neck of me (Boom boom)
Lately, I’m feelin’ the hate and the jealousy, but God is my shooter, my weaponry (Amen, woo)

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God is my shooter, my weaponry
Yeah, we blessed, man
Hahaha, can’t you tell?
We blessed, baby

They say the new ‘Vette like a ‘Rari (‘Rari), give you old game like Atari (Uh)
I use big words like thesaurus, nobody hear a tree when it’s fallin’ in the forest, yeah (Timber)
Give me my roses, where the florist? Yeah, got the folks hooked, no chorus, yeah
Rest in peace True, word to Chuck, not Norris, now the whip not foreign, tow trucks like Morris
Got all these rings like Horry (Horry), never been me to worry (Worry)
I want the ring, the glory, let her sleep in my chain for enjoyment
If I start trappin’, that’s unemployment, Rolls Royce, all the assortments (Assortments)
Don’t interfere with the fortress (Fortress), I leave a stain on the porches (Brr)