Conway The Machine – Jail Freestyle Lyrics

Conway the Machine – Jail Freestyle Lyrics

Conway the Machine Jail Freestyle Lyrics

Thank you

Had a talk when my uncle, he said “Boy, you gots to do better, you do a lot for those niggas” (Do a lot)
Though, people ungrateful, you say no, they hate you
You gotta watch for those niggas (Watch)
Them people just wanna take, they gonna take everything that you got if you give it (I swear)
You should maybe remember, like, damn, I got shot and ain’t even get no hospital visits, like
‘Member that? Damn
Yeah, that sh!t is illogical
They just pretend that they rock with you
They just want what you got, wanna be in the spotlight
Or maybe worse, they want your spot from you (For real)
This sh!t wasn’t easy, bro, I overcame every obstacle placed in front of me when sh!t seemed impossible (I did)
I just put in the work and I still got a lot to do
My spirit incomparable, I know my heart is too big
I know I gotta learn how to tell people no sometimes
Man, I know what I got to dos
Dealing with that depression when nobody checked on me, smoking this pressure, it got me through
It got me through, yeah
I know fake love when I see it (Huh?)
That fake love, I don’t need it (Huh?)
I take drugs ’cause I need it (Facts)
Yeah, sometimes I hate love when receiving
I question love that people show me (Who are you?)
Like, how you love me? You don’t know me (Who are you?)
Would you love me if you knew the old me? (Would you love me?)
Before the bag, before the Rollie
‘Fore I signed a deal with Shady with the brodie
Speaking of Shady, man, after my interview I did with Vlad, I felt awful
But I learned you gotta watch what you say in interviews it can cost you (Talk to ’em)
What can say? My relationship better with ‘Ye than with Marshall
But I still ain’t got nothing bad to ever say about Marshall (For real)
Just keeping it funky, I’m thankful for Marshall
Man, I’m thankful for Tracey and Paul too
Specially, my agents, my dog too (My nigga)
We ’bout to drop, God Don’t Make Mistakes, boy, it made me do Part 2
Maybe, and even if we don’t, I’m thankful regardless
Thank you