Conway the Machine – Devil in a Reject Hoodie Lyrics

Conway the Machine Devil in a Reject Hoodie Lyrics

You know what the fuck going on nigga
Conway the machine, bitch
2.25.22 nigga
The mixtape before the album
Y’know what I’m saying?
‘Bout to fuck these niggas up real quick
Fuck the streets up
Let niggas know what’s popping man
Y’know what I mean? Niggas not fucking with me
Niggas not fucking with this Drumwork shit
It’s a new chapter, it’s a new day
Everything new, nigga
Everything new, new jewellery, new money
New life, new blessings, nigga
Let’s go DJ T

I’m a different man but still the same G
Different animal but still the same beast
Take a look what I became, I became grief
Smoking on this strain, hoping this pain cease
Remember when they tried to write me off
Bullet stuck in my neck, tryna walk on my own, hoping I don’t fall
Then I proved niggas wrong, they thought my light was gone
I’m shining more, still not satisfied, I still desire more
It’s Drumwork, I know they pray my empire fall
Go ‘head and count me out, that fuel my fire more
I beat the hating undertones in your dialogue
You niggas lucky I don’t just fire off
Gotta remember me and these niggas ain’t similar
‘Bought to drop my new shit and change the temperature
Drop my album, February to fuck the winter up
And I built the company to pull my niggas up
I changed the way that I do business up
I feel like this music business stuff been making me more sinister
Can’t let them people keep getting the lion’s share
When it’s time to split the percentage up
They own the masses when they get the signature
When they can’t make no more money off you, get rid of ya
People act like they invented us
You ain’t make this nigga
Put that on my mom, I’m a monster
Pay for everything out my pocket, no sponsor, that’s on my Aunt Lana
I conjure entendres got me grammy nomi-nated
I was on Donda, nigga, Kanye my partner
PJ to the Ranch to hear Conway go bonkers
All the glory be to God ’cause I prosper
They get more treacherous the higher you climb up
Recorded this two years from the day we lost Mamba
May he rest in peace
I just some piece of rest before I rest in pieces
I just want a piece of mind ’cause I’ve been stressed for weeks
Need to talk to my therapist, I feel depressed and weak
Smoking this pressure back to back so I can get some sleep
But I know it’s still plateaus that I have yet to reach
Imma etch this shit in stone with my next release
This beat just got me in my zone, nigga let me preach
Yeah, let me give these niggas the gospel
Jigga told me “Don’t worry, nigga I got you”
I never gave up even when it seemed impossible
Hope I showed you, you can do anything you put your mind to