Coming soon the 5 main functions of WhatsApp; from ads to emojis



  • Coming soon the 5 foremost functions of WhatsApp; from ads to emojis

From contacts, emojis, communities to locking multiple devices, here are 5 WhatsApp highlights to help you your WhatsApp may be interesting, but it gets better.

One of the most popular messaging apps in the world, WhatsApp continues to improve its platform by adding new features to the mix for users to take advantage of.

While these features sometimes add functionality to existing WhatsApp functionality, sometimes they bring something completely new to the messaging app. Here we’ve listed the top five features that WhatsApp has started working on and is hoping to make available in the app soon, and how you can use them:
WhatsApp Ads on Facebook

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature in its business app that allows them to create ads that lead to its WhatsApp account. This feature allows companies to reach new customers through ads on Facebook, as ads allow people on Facebook to know that they also use WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo reports that with WhatsApp Business Beta for iOS and WhatsApp Business Beta for Android, companies can now create new Facebook ads on WhatsApp Business by accessing the Facebook Ads option in the tool’s settings.

    • WhatsApp Community

    WhatsApp is working on a feature called Community. This feature gives administrators more control over smaller groups in their community. Administrators can invite others to join the community. Users can be added manually or join via the “community invite link” if the administrator has shared this privately or publicly. This feature is expected to be available in the iOS-based WhatsApp application soon.

    • WhatsApp functionality for multiple devices

    WhatsApp has long been working on the functionality of multiple devices. Now the blog site states that the option to exit the beta program on some devices has been removed. This means that these users will no longer be able to exit the beta program on some devices. This feature will be introduced to some people in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. The company will soon release this feature to more users.

  • WhatsApp My Contacts except…

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature for certain users that gives them more control over their privacy settings. With the “My contacts with exceptions” setting, iOS users can limit who can see their recent photos, information, and profile pictures on WhatsApp. In particular, if a user disables some contacts to see their recent views, they will not be able to see their own recent views.

  • WhatsApp emojis and stickers

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to create group icons with custom backgrounds, emojis, and stickers in the beta version of WhatsApp. This feature will be introduced with the beta update for Android Users can create new icons by tapping Emoji and Stickers option. In addition to choosing the background color of the image, users can also install stickers or emojis.