Coke Lyrics By Lil Peep, Yunggoth


Lil Peep, Yunggoth Coke Lyrics

B*tch, I’m off twelve Xans, I can’t feel you, no (No-no)
Dr*pe on my left, f*ck blood, I just want you, babe
Back on that Wock, no love, just that bank account
Been rich, f*ck cliques, get no handouts
Jet lag so bad, been like a bank account

Oh well, oh fail, f*ck love, I die in hell
B*tch so fab, fitted all my b!tches well
Look in the bank, got her singing, she not feeling well
Oh, ’cause she’s sweaty and I’m dead
So sweaty in my lap, oh, dying from the MAC

Hellboy, Hellboy, pull up and they smell, boy
MacBook on my arm, I ain’t got no Dell, boy
Your b!tch, my b!tch, same sh!t, f*ck sh!t
F*ck this, life s*cks, wrists slit, s*ck my d*ck

Three 6, nice whips, white rice, b!tches sniff
I’ma throw a sh!t fit, pull up and I dip quick
Pull up and she s*ck my d*ck, six H0es on my sh!t
I’m a young white pr!ck, white coke, white d*ck