Clavish – I Ain’t Gonna Lie Lyrics

Clavish – I Ain’t Gonna Lie Lyrics


I Ain’t Gonna Lie Lyrics By Clavish

I ain’t gonna lie miss a few n!gga* that are still alive but done some weird sh!t,
So now they ain’t wit the guys,
They’re due to be upset on a flicky night,
Had to back my knife on dukey that ran the block once upon a time,

I ain’t gonna lie my diamonds make me less shy,
I literally got girls trippin from south to the west side,
Can’t air no jail call I’ve been on the other side,
Phone ringin out I’m sayin f*ck this b!tch or f*ck my guy,

I ain’t gonna lie nice people finish last,
Took half a brick wit a grin now I’m missin fast,
They put me on them drip pages when I ain’t even tryna drip,
Stroke her from the back slow but I weren’t even tryna hit,

The way my diamonds kick should’ve gave my jeweller a tip,
Give a young G a stick,
Tell him go & take a risk,
n!gga* wanna be gang just to hang round the kid,
You gotta go around the kid it’s different from how it was before,

But I ain’t gonna lie,
I’m tryna do the rap but n!gga* know when I wanna ride, no one can’t tell me no,
Pagans gettin forced to slide no one can’t tell me go,
She’s noyed cause I ain’t text her since there’s nothin you can tell me H0e,

They don’t want my old ways, soon touch a mill but I’d trade that for the old days,
Everybody know me now no mileage on my Colgate’s,
Melly’s puttin pussies on his bonnet with his road rage,
Then I’m hoppin out so bait,

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I wonder if he’ll give me 18 of the snowflake,
I’m just tryna win but then again who isn’t,
Runnup on my sis then suin got chinged in 2 minutes,
Think I’m just a rapper when the cameras off I’m too widdit,

Burberry type of day,
My n!gga* always grippin they can pull up anytime of day,
Just pull up wit your best gun,
Cause this ain’t no one pop might leave you wit a stressed mum,
Her p*ssys mediocre but she know she got the best tongue,

I ain’t gonna lie, sometimes I can’t fall asleep I can’t believe my n!gga died,
Imma tatt him on my chest,
Look in the mirror back to real life I’m kinda stressed but laugh it off,
I’m okay cause what you gonna do if I say I’m not,

I don’t talk much but put on a beat I’ll say a lot,
Nice guys finish last save myself before I save the block,
God bless my trap n!gga*, still trappin hittin shots,
He don’t use his head so it don’t matter if we hit it off ay listen,

I ain’t gonna lie the industry’s fugazy,
Rappers do not call me bro cause I don’t know you, are you crazy,
Tryna live her best life so she ain’t tryna keep no baby,
All she wanna do is face me,
I ain’t cocky but I’m facety,

& these rumours never phase me,
I ain’t gotta let by Gons be by Gons,
Cause I’ve got enough money for big drip & to buy guns,
Send out a text & now my kitties wanna buy some,
Couple n!gga* made the wrong choice but me I made the right one,