Christine and the Queens – Track 10 Lyrics

Christine and the Queens Track 10 Lyrics

Sweet lover of mine
Oh, let me take you dancing
Sweet lover of mine
The scar of the foreigner
Sweet lover of mine
Let’s go dancing, go dancing
Sweet lover of mine
Let’s go fucking, go fucking

I am not so shy
Where lights are intervening
I am not so proud
Oh baby, take me dancing
Our lord as a sigh
Let’s go dancing, go dancing

Sweet lover of mine
Ouh, I’m tied to thee, tied to thee
Sweet lover of mine
I’m who I’m away to be
Sweet lover of mine
Protect me, don’t tell the guards

Take me to the dance
Take me
Ouh, take me there
Sweet lover of mine
Sweet lover of mine
Sweet lover of mine

New York, nineties
I just probably, I – sit !
Not to me, I’ve been everywhere
Stallin’ me then before
The lives of before are
Meant to be
I did ! oh yeah
Let me prove it by touching you, baby
Oh, let’s meet again
I – I !

I was surprised by the chord change
And she kept on walking
Like her crazy friends, bitch she was – oh yes she was not going to surrender
It’s like Argh !
Maybe simpler is better, you know?

Sweet lover of mine
Look at me
Let me here take the credit,s baby
Ouh, defend me
Besides, I’m your first astral
Let me pay your demon the out
Let me pay out your demon number
Let me be with you

The things I get with you
Just take down to church
Nothing real good for you
Oh, let’s take you on a ride
Why you make me feel emotions
I want to give emotion
Ouh, you make me feel emotion
And I want to give emotion
Well, do you feel me now?
Oh, oh, do you feel me now?
Oh, I think we’re in the mountain
I think loud as the wind does think at night when it pours
I know you want my body
Ouh, yeah
Oh, I know you want my body
Ouh, you make me one with mornin’
You make me like a child, girl
Oh, we’re meetin’ the morning
Ah, you make me unwilling to come back to the place
Ouh, where I go
Oh, it makes me just hard to really come right now
Oh, I say go
Ah, you make me like a ravin’, let’s be
And I forget to eat
The taste of her is something then they forget ’bout me
I believe you’re amazing
Oh, first time I openly talk about it
And where, where did it go?
And when did you decide to fuck about me?
Oh, where did it go
To a man
Oh, that give them half what I give
Oh, they make it through the runnin’
Oh, they make it through the runnin’
Oh, I came to fuck pretty

I can thank you for the ride, babe
Sweet lover of infinity
Ah, we’ll keep on rising

It’s been a long time
Words, somebody to re-animal
Sing nani nani animal
Nani nani animal, yeah
Word, somebody to an animal
We got to fuck hours
Are you aware of other faces down in the sky
Marvin Gaye in my head poetry ever and then
So many things I wish I could talk about
No time to write, I’m so stoned
I’m so stoned
Why did she take that car?
Fushia dress, fushia
Ouh, babe, I dream in colors
Ouh, you make me think think feel things so rare

Let’s stop the room to like – it never stops !