Chip – Tekky Lyrics

Chip Tekky Lyrics (feat. Krept, Frisco & K-Trap)

Big zoot, back strap, Cognac, back that
Big back, grab that, really wanna tap that
Stick go brap brap, tek no back chat
Life from the jungle, hakuna ma tat tat
Stop with the wass akh, any likkle fas bag
Yo, pussy bwoy do me sutten if your that bad
Left wrist, see the buss down no flash fam
Penthouse suite where I cool and relax at
Chipmunk mad man, touch mic, Baghdad
Everyday I run up in the booth where the racks at
Let’s talk UK rap, I’m a Dad fam
I go hard period pussy you likkle Tampax
One beat, one plan, one mic, one stand
Anything M-I-C, man ah bad man
Thinking you can rhyme like me, are you mad fam?
Look at all the blood I splurged, I feel like mad max

Wait, man are rappin OG’s
Back to rapping ‘n’ snappin’ dere ain’t no capping on beat
Man will actually wrap him up and den pack an mc
Ain’t a fan of the rappers, dem man ain’t handling me
Man I brang all the savages, can’t lack in no street
All da mandem erratic, you know dey managing the beef
Still packing the packet ‘n’ push pack in OT
Since back in 0’3 (Finish him)
Heard dat 1 track, heard nuff gun chat
Looked at chippy like he really dun dat
Dick down a one yat, big batty flung back
Fuck dat love akh, link man, bruck dat
Switch flow, sick mode, wrist glow
Dick hoes, quick throat, pricks know, diss bro, it’s go
Pay da young boy for a cheffing
I bought the dip like crypto

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Frisco, sick flow, it’s so Grimy
So don’t try me it get’s mad when I’m pissed tho
Big doe sick mode, prezzy on wrist tho
Chip know, “He will tell you Fris’ that’s big bro”
Intro, ahhright, star 9, carbine
Bullet in skin from you diss one a our guys
Drop them Pharsyde their side our side
Archive came from the dark side
Can’t slide around my way you n***** need balance, I’m baffled
Say you done things that you haven’t
Non-chalant I am a don it’s apparent
We ain’t family I dont know n***** from Adam
I came up around robbers and drug barons
Disarm man like I was Faron
You want war that’s no challenge
We set trends no bandwagons
Rise my ting everyting flatten

Long clip in the 17, walk with the dangles feel like Teddy (Shotters)
Walk him down get a good angle then I get Shelly
See me on TV I’m still tryna pattern up shirts on telly If we
Don’t see eye to eye don’t try patch it I ain’t like Nelly
I walk with the wicked drillyest
It’s gotta hold 6 in minimum
Bro caught a head back brilliant
They need three get backs minimum
Double R with the stars in the roof
Next star in a coupe
Me n P try tape it twice
We was in a jarring mood (Hmm)