Chief Keef – Racks Stuffed Inna Couch Lyrics

Racks Stuffed Inna Couch Lyrics By Chief Keef

Phew, wooh, phew, wooh (Sos’ baby)
Phew, wooh, phew, wooh (GBE baby)
Phew, wooh (Fifth Gang, baby)
Phew, wooh, phew, wooh, phew, wooh (Sit Gang, baby, Linen Gang, baby, Get It Gang, baby)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
(Ayy, Young Malcolm)

Six hundred a ounce (Ayy), forty my waist (My waist)
Say two words (Two words), four to your face (Po, po)
Stitch his lips up (Ayy), what did he say? (What he say?)
I gotta move the bus (b*ng, b*ng), money to make (b*ng, b*ng)
Got his ass baked (Ayy), I was in the late (Dududuh)
Put a quarter mill’ (Skrrt), p*ssy in the hate (b!tch)
I was goin’ state (Skrrt), state to state (State)
Feet on the gas (Ahh), takin’ no break (Ayy, Young Malcolm)
Hangin’ out the window (Gang), throwin’ my set (Gang)

Stick made him lose weight (b*ng), Jenny Craig (b*ng)
Tell my opps, “What up though?”, tell ’em drop dead (b*ng)
Tell ’em all, “s*ck a d!ck” (b*ng), that’s what I said (b*ng, b*ng)
Put a check on his head (b*ng, b*ng)
How much in my pants? (b*ng, ayy, b*ng, ayy, b*ng, ayy)
Put a check on his head and it got six digits (b*ng, b*ng, ayy, gang, ayy, b*ng, ayy, b*ng, ayy, ayy, b*ng b*ng, ayy)
Six digits (Ayy, ayy, ayy, b*ng b*ng)
I take my whole f*ckin’ hit in a minute (b*ng, b*ng, b*ng)

Pull up in that car, actin’ crazy, lease sittin’ in it (b*ng, ayy, ayy, b*ng b*ng, ayy)
I can buy a Bustdown Rollie every minute (b*ng b*ng, dududuh)
Nigga, point me to your block, I send my shorties to talk (b*ng)
He a star player, he send shots, shorty gon’ score (Dududuh)
My lil’ cousins just got caught with a switch in the ‘Raq (Ahh, b*ng b*ng)
Your chest up, I got some sh!t, put you on your back (b*ng, b*ng, b*ng)
Give a f*ck what they got, I got that sack (b*ng)
He was sneak dissin’ Sosa, it got him whack’ (Ftftft, beep, beep, beep, beep, dududuh)
Boy, ya on thin ice, that sh!t might crack (Beep, beep, b*ng)

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All I know spend that sack and get it right back (Beep, beep, b*ng)
RIP Tray Savage, get hit with the MAC (b*ng, Tray Savage)
I broke lil baby’s heart, please see if she’s intact (Ayy, ayy)
Lamborghini, Hellcat, might see the back (Skrrt)
Red Eye, scat pack, might see the Track’ (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
You ain’t talkin’ about the green, I’ll fade to black (Huh?)
Since when I get white money (Ayy) and b!tch, I’m black (Sos’ baby, GBE baby)
Gang st*pid T’d up but we don’t do crack (Glo Gang)

Foenem in the trap, trappin’, might slip you a pack (Sit Gang, Get It Gang, Linen Gang)
You all worried about these H0es, go flip you a pack (Ayy, ayy, gang, gang)
You been up poppin’ addies, go getchu a nap (Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?Huh?)
Runnin’ up on the gang make yo’ ass take a nap
You can give motherf*cka a mile and they gon’ take a lap (b*ng)
I got a Tommy gun in my lap (b*ng, b*ng)
Glory Boyz was made in the trap (Ayy, b*ng)
You be sneak dissin’ and be on my d!ck (b*ng, b*ng)
Keep your fit, we want your fitted cap (b*ng, ayy)

Grab his ass up in some rentals wrap (b*ng b*ng)
Sippin’ turtle, b!tch, I’m finna snap (b*ng)
Ayy bro, mute the beat, I’m finna clap (b*ng)
We got pig guns, nigga, crap (b*ng, ayy)
Bah, bah, bah, can you crouch? (Huh?)
I got racks stuffed in the couch (Ayy, ayy)
I be in less sh!t in the house (Ayy, ayy, ayy)

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I get animal style, In N Out (b*ng, b*ng)
My mind be in the air like a blimp (b*ng, b*ng)
Tie ya sH0es, b!tch, ’cause I’m a trip (b*ng, b*ng)
I’m like Harley, b!tch, don’t give me the lip (b*ng, b*ng)
‘Bout that paper, we gon’ let it rip (b*ng)
You a d!ck s*ckin’, d!ck holder, hit your lips (b*ng)
Choppa shaking out my hand, had to get a grip (b*ng)
It’s the ass for me, baby, it’s the hips (Huh?)
She said, “Smile for me, Daddy”, like I’m Big Gip (Cheese)