Candy – Human Condition Above Human Opinion Lyrics

Candy – Human Condition Above Human Opinion Lyrics

Immoral reasons life is banished
Ceremonial panic
Future relinquished
Existence extinguished

Disparaged faith
Disparaged faith

Celebrating ignorance
Calling out for vigilance
Fueling engine of destruction
Civilized world devoid of function

Forcing others into submission
Human conditions above human opinion

Privileged class terrorizing

Privileged class terrorizing
Another year demoralizing


In pushing the limits of standard chaos, ‘Candy’ has been a transitory force within the hardcore music scene since their debut in March of 2017.

Refusing to adhere to the paradigms and principles of hardcore, punk, metal, pop, or whatever label the listener has tried to affix onto them; they’ve created a space all their own.

Candy has once again teamed up with Triple B Records for their most fantastical and sinister release yet.

Keeping in line with the artistic dualities of pleasure and pain, fact and fiction, peace and violence, their debut LP Good to Feel delivers 9 songs of their most ambitious and focused material to date.

Aligning with the esteemed engineer and producer Arthur Rizk, Candy has finally achieved the type of artistry that transcends the confines of its own medium.

Where they once dabbled in the marriage of noise and image, Good to Feel succeeds in its pull from deep cinematic wells.

Utilizing the atmosphere of films such as Escape from New York and Akira, Candy’s new record grants the listener a psychotic joyride into a world one misstep away from absolute obliteration.

Environmental devastation, police violence, political corruption, and a myriad of tragedies privy to the human experience all make their way into the vaudeville demonstration that is Good to Feel.