Bruce Springsteen – Soul Days Lyrics

Bruce Springsteen Soul Days Lyrics (feat. Sam Moore)

I woke up feeling the sunshine
Drift across my face
It took me back to emotions
From another time and place

Those yesterdays
Cruising in my Chevrolet
I held my baby in my arms
But my first love was always those songs

I’m talking ’bout
Soul days
Talking about those sweet soul days

I crawled out of bed real slowly
Threw on some old blue jeans
I found my favorite T-shirt
And started rolling up my sleeves

Like James Dean
Thinking I was still nineteen
I walked outside and looked around
My heart was pumping when I found

There’s gonna be a soul day
I laid back sunning, sweet summer soul days

I think I’ll take my baby for a ride down the back road
Out in the country where the summer winds blow
Over by the river there’s a barbecue shack
Oh, it’s on the jukebox
You know I like it like that (Oh yeah)

Soul days
Dancing with my baby
Swaying to the sweet soul days

And when the sun goes down
And we’re on the road again
Those white lines running down the highway
Slowly reeling us in

With the radio on
Singing to the sweet soul songs
And the music’s playing through the night
Taking us back when everything was alright

Soul days
Talking about those sweet, summer soul days
I’m talking ’bout soul days
I’m going back to the sweet, summer soul days
Mmm-hmm, soul days (Soul days)
I wanna hear some Wilson Pickett, some Joe Tex
I wanna hear some Sam and Dave (Oh, listen here)
Hey, Sam I wanna hear some Aretha
(I wanna hear some Ray Charles)
And some soulful Sam Cooke, now (What about that?)
I wanna hear some Arthur Conley
Well, what about Edwin Starr?
Huh-huh-huh-huh, hell yeah