BROCKHAMPTON – Gold Teeth Lyrics


Nowadays all I wanna do is party
Getting fucked up in my hotels lobby
Only made this to get out the deal partly
So dont ask me if the crew is still talking
Do we see each other? Hardly
Shit we made together? Godly
Did we sign for too many motherfucking albums? Probably
Got my first gold teeth at the swap meet
Felt the temperature change when we dropped HEAT
Came such a long way from Corpus Christi
San Marcos, soft shell tacos blocko
All those rocks thrown, with niggas on my cock though
Is it a dream to see tomorrow
Always better to make it
You can’t become unfamous, your clout just start fading
This blueprint we made it
Yall niggas yall just be taking still
The way we be filming, the way we fuck a nigga up
But still gon speak up about how the fuck we be feeling
I ain’t gon let no white nigga beat my ass up out the building
I say it with my chest just for years, I just been chillin
And let yall get them bars off (Bitch ass niggas)
While yall bumping BH knock offs (Poor bitch ass niggas)
I’m the richest nigga you ever seen fall off (facts)
I’m the richest nigga you ever seen fall off (facts)

“Oh Fuck You!”