BREAKING - Koo App User Base Reaches 15 Million Mark, Seeks To Fly To Foreign Lands

BREAKING – Koo App User Base Reaches 15 Million Mark, Seeks To Fly To Foreign Lands

Koo App


After its demand skyrocketed due to the altercation between Twitter and the government, the user base of the domestic microblogging platform Koo app reached 15 million. Koo saw significant growth in its user base when trade union ministers and various government departments in India approved the app, an Indian microblogging platform and an ambitious competitor to Twitter. According to co-founder Aprameya Radhakrishna, the app has grown phenomenally in popularity, adding 5 million users in the last quarter alone.

Radhakrishna Said “We have witnessed rapid growth. We make sure that everything that India celebrates, be it language or culture, resonates in Koo… Be it cricket, politics, films, spiritual leaders, and their followers, everything is celebrated on Koo in their (custom) languages, Although Koo’s popularity in India peaked amid disagreements with Twitter, he is now trying to spread his wings in faraway lands as well.

While Koo will maintain its focus on the Indian market, there are plans to enter the Southeast Asia market after June 2022. the country has not been chosen, but we will definitely want to enter another market … in Southeast Asia, in the second half of next year, ”he said.

It is also available in Nigeria, where it enrolled earlier this year. The market “continues to grow,” Radhakrishna said and said other African countries may also be on the expansion list, “Nigeria is growing well, organically. We are using this time to understand the cultural aspects of Nigeria and it continues to grow, ”said Radhakrishna.

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Radhakrishna, stated that Koo’s strength lies in providing services in local languages. “The premise of entering any market is whether they have a significant local linguistic dimension to their community and culture. These are the countries that we will enter

In fact, the main premise that Koo launched last year was to allow users to express themselves and interact on the platform in local languages. Koo actually supports multiple languages ​​including Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, and more. The app was launched by Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidavatka.

However, he added that Koo will target other areas besides the ones mentioned above. Radhakrishna noted that Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines were among the markets Koo would be looking at. Koo is currently studying these markets and will make a final decision based on this.