Brandon Kai – Notion Lyrics

Notion Lyrics By Brandon Kai

Lord forgive for my sins
When your time is up it’s too late to repent
I got demons that I know I’m up against
I see them creeping up
Every single night it gets intense
And it keep me up
Three days with no rest I feel possessed out in the west
Feel like Death Valley but I know this life a test
Fuck it I’m coming for his neck
Gotta protect

My life a sermon
Die a legend
Get respect
Yeah I take what I want
That’s the notion
Without my dawgs the mission don’t go in motion
Don’t get involved unless you know you been chosen
Been down so bad but I’m loyal got that devotion
See what happens when you push me to the edge
To the edge
To the edge

To the edge woah
I stay tapping in
Can never catch me lacking
When It’s time to put in work I’m doing numbers like I’m magic
Like I’m
Like I’m cashing in
Don’t want me then I’m crashing in
I just hopped out the whip them cameras out and they start flashing in
Been passionate

Plus I’m immaculate
When on the turf
I don’t need your thoughts
Don’t need someone to tell me what I’m worth
I just connect the dots
And get the bag like payday on the first
I’m in and out and the spot
The day I drop is when I’m in the hearse
Until then I can’t reverse
Until then I’m in the works

Until then it’s me vs me and enemies swear it’s a curse
Been dropping 16s before I was 16
N**** that’s for sure
Once I’m off that big screen
N***** wanna make scenes but it ain’t rehearsed
New routines got me out the dirt
The whole team rocking all the merch
Had to redeem myself
So I go out and scheme then I go berserk
Overseas getting love from Turks

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Over me man this shit got perks
I got needs so I keep myself on my feet even when it hurts
Oh yeah
See what happens when you push me to the edge
To the edge
To the edge
To the edge woah