“Body Guards, Photo Shoots”: 7 Ways BBNaija’s season 7 Stars Spend Lavishly (photos)

A look at BBNaija Season 7 housemates week 2 in Biggies House 2022
A look at BBNaija Season 7 housemates 


BBNaija Stars Spend Lavishly, Without any doubt, the Big Brother Naija reality show is the biggest in Africa and there are clear indications that things will remain that year.

Over the years, the reality show has continued to give young talents the chance to explore the biggest stage.

Participating in the reality show also comes with a lot of goodies, cash prizes, and most importantly, a fan base.

The season seven edition of the reality show saw Phyna become the second female in history to win and she walked home with a grand prize of 100 million naira.

However, despite the benefits attached to the show, some participants end up broke after the reality show and most time gets called out on social media.

Wondering how this gets to happen, here are ten ways BBNaija stars spend lavishly after the reality show.

BBNaija Stars Spend Lavishly
BBNaija season seven winner, Phyna

7 Ways BBNaija Stars Spend Lavishly After Reality Show


Photoshoots are great, don’t get me wrong but BBNaija housemates tend to overuse them after their adventure at the reality show.

The entertainment industry is blessed with talented photographers who offer the best for a mouthwatering sum of money.

BBNaija housemates over the years have become famous for having different photoshoots after their adventure in the show.

While some photoshoots are important, some are done to please their ego.

Body Guards

BBNaija Stars Spend Lavishly
A BBNaija housemate walking with bodyguards

Celebrity life is not easy, one reason it is hard to find a celebrity roaming the street of Lagos, Abuja, or any part of the country.

However, BBNaija stars are used to hanging out once they leave the reality show and this leaves them with no choice, to get a bodyguard.

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These housemates spend lavishly on bodyguards and this affects them after some time.


Who does not love to have fun, it’s one of the best things you can indulge in.

Being a celebrity gives you a chance to attend different events, go clubbing, hang out with friends, and the like.

BBNaija housemates spend lavishly at clubs after their time at the show, forgetting that they have a long way to go.

Though some fans might argue they get invites to clubs, some BBNaija housemates spend to impress outfit

Celebrities don’t repeat clothes, that’s the mindset of some BBNaija stars immediately after they leave the reality show.

This is one huge mistake that has left some big names in the industry broke and seeking help.

BBNaija stars are used to spending big on outfits to show fans they’ve truly arrived.

Spending To Impress Their Fan Base

The fan base of all BBNaija reality star wants their fave to bag the biggest deal, gets verified on all social media platforms, and so on.

However, sometimes the BBNaija stars end up pushing themselves too much in a bid to impress their fan base.

Twitter Drama: Paying Influencers To Trend

Twitter has become a huge platform for celebrities to push their brand and BBNaija reality stars are making good use of it.

However, reality stars have become popular for trending on Twitter for various reasons.

Some might be for new achievements while others might be to continue the rivalry that started at the show going.

Some of these reality stars pay influencers to push their trend, a move that might backfire in the long run.

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Gift Items (Fanbase Drama)

BBNaija season seven star, Beauty receiving gifts from fans

Hardly will a Big Brother Naija housemate leave the show without having a fan base. Oftentimes, this fan base showers them with gifts worth fortunes.

However, not all that’s portrayed on social media are true. Some housemates reportedly get gifts themselves only to disguise they got it from fans.

It’s always rosy on social media when a housemate shows off these gifts on social media but it ends up leading to brokenness.

Big Brother Naija reality show has come to stay and the show will continue to bless fans with big names.