Blaqbonez – Stealth Mode (Freestyle) Lyrics

Blaqbonez Stealth Mode Lyrics, Blaqbonez Stealth Mode Freestyle Lyrics

Yea, Seen a lot in this industry I refer not to speak
If I speak am in trouble, Okay trouble it is
I feel like some holy brother when I walk in they mist
I’m the only real nigga
And the one who don’t miss
Everything I split is fact
All y’all do is cap
Keep your fake love, give me fake Nike I’m good with that
If the sky is big enough for everyone to fly
Then why you out there tryna stop another nigga bag?
I swear I never stopped another nigga bag
How many of y’all can say that?
The whole place full of, full of liars and backstabbers
And ass kissers but Stallion known as a ass slapper

I see y’all
When the shit about to go wrong
Delete the whole IG photo to drop flop songs
You think you fooling us?
Nah u fooling yourself
Your last album, should’ve stayed in the shelf
But I been switching sounds
All my life and it’s been slapping
Some people think they did what I did
But let the record show I’m Hilda Baci
On the throne like Gaddafi
till I pass like Xavi
precisely I’m the nicest

Don’t compare me to these guys
I can drop an Afrobeat banger anytime I like
I jumped on Amapiano and dropped the verse of the year
Nobody’s asking any questions cos they know that I’m clear
What are we doing now?
Hyping up wack niggas with streaming farms
What are we doing now?
Blud think he part of the team
We know you but not fucking with you
That’s friend zone
You on the chat but we don’t hear you
That’s Stealth Mode
But word to you farmers
Please let the poor breathe
I see yall niggas on stage
It’s weak when it’s not real
Just do your TikTok dance and get the fuck out
July 7, a real star gon pop out