Bladee joins Tohji on new song titled [Twilight Zone]

Japan’s Tohji has picked up Bladee to be featured in his new track, “Twilight Zone” which stands out from his upcoming T-Mix album.

“Twilight Zone” follows Tohji’s April release of “ULTRA RARE” by Mechatok and allies with Japanese artist Bladee.

Both tracks have been moved from Tohji’s upcoming T-Mix album, which will feature joint work by yeule, Palmistry and the Mechats, Thrilliam Angels, eternalusa, and more.


  1. HANABI (feat. Palmistry & Mechatok)
  2. Valley says (feat. eternalusa)
  3. ULTRA RARE (feat. Mechatok)
  4. Twilight Zone (feat. Bladee)
  5. shell (feat. yeule)
  6. WATER WAY (feat. Mechatok)
  7. Super Ocean Man (feat. banvox)
  8. seaside train skit
  9. 舞浜 (feat. Thrilliam Angels)
  10. ねるねるねるね
  11. UFO (feat. Mechatok)
Released with “Twilight Zone” Bladee. Tohji’s T-Mix album will arrive on June 3rd.