black midi – Eat Men Eat Lyrics

[black midi – Eat Men Eat Lyrics]

It’s always hidden
Drying your clothes in the sun
Slowly burning, away
I’m so thirsty I might die 30 miles from the mines
Have you seen the drunken captain singing:
“What do you want to know?”

One long night in Absalom
“Help yourselves men to whiskey, onions, and chillis!
Eat men, eat! Eat men, eat! Eat men, eat!”

Company A
Wake with a start
Stomachs open
(Burning hearts with the truth, his red ink with)
Captain bottles, readies red wine
Remember why we’re here
Don’t touch Rio Tinto’s bottom line

Three long nights in the pits they called hell
Captain’s food got me sick and oh, so sleepy
I love you, but I can feel my chest bubbling
Oh, so heavy and then, oh, so light
Almost something…

As we ran, arm in arm, from the burning crater
Captain’s screams echo:
“You f*cking faggots ain’t seen the last of me yet
I’ll have the last laugh, you cunts, soon you’ll see
Each day you wake, and each night you sleep
I’ll be tight in your chests, burning! Burning!”
But we kept running, turned our backs on our hell
With wine in our hearts and the saviours of you!