Big setback for players with the closure of Fortnite in China



  • The big difficulty for players with the closing of Fortnite in China

An order to shut down Fortnite was issued in China, and as of today, players will no longer be able to play the world’s most popular survival game. The news did not come from an official source today. In fact, it comes from those directly affected – the players themselves. Players are reporting that starting today, they will not have access to Fortnite on their devices.

Specifically, Epic Games has announced that it will be closing its stores in China on November 15th, 15 weeks ago. This is despite the fact that the game Fortnite in China was designed specifically for the country and some of the very hard parts have been left out. The fact that China is the largest gaming market in the world shows how big Epic Games is.

Epic Games even announced two weeks ago that “Fortnite China’s beta test has ended”. It says that the Fortnite servers shut down properly. Fortnite makers Epic Games have stated that they cannot continue to work in the face of the Chinese authorities’ suppression of online gaming. China accuses these violent online games of pampering and making children more violent as well as wasting their time.

Not only foreign companies were targeted, but China’s domestic games were also warned. In addition to businesses, authorities have even taken tough measures to limit the number of times children can play online games. China’s technology-driven trends have forced companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, and others to leave the country.

Knowing it was time to say goodbye to the game, players took to the social media platform Weibo to post their comments. The numbers are huge, the game’s hashtag was viewed more than 470 million times, AFP revealed.

“The friends I used to play with will meet again when fate decides,” wrote one Weibo user, Another player named Zhen, 24 told AFP he would “cry a little at first” for the game he played for more than two years while studying, Some certainly still hope that Fortnite will return to China soon.