Big Brother Titans Week 9 Wager Task Result 2023

Big Brother Titans Week 9 Wager Task Result 2023
Big Brother Titans Week 9 Wager Task Result 2023



Week 9 Wager Task Result in Big Brother Titans 2023 Season 1 | Big Brother Titans Season 1 Week 9 Wager Task Result 2023 

The Big Brother Titans 2023 housemates have their wager task in week nine of the reality TV show.

The Ziyakhala Wahala housemates did the wager task with all housemates participating in the task house the house to win its wager as collectives.

According to Biggie, housemates will be judged by how they present their tasks rather than by talent.

Biggie added that talent is essential, but the delivery of the task will be judged, and each level would be scored accordingly.

How The Task Went For Week Nine In BBTitans

Another week of celebration and grub – the BBTitans housemates win their wager in grand style.

The Big Brother Titans housemate have won their sixth wager of the season. They bagged their win after an outstanding fashion presentation that was praised big time by Biggie.

The theme of the week, announced Monday, was “I am beautiful”, and the instruction was to showcase the beauty in its many forms with a fashion show reflecting style, roots, and internal beauty.

It also stated that their presentation ended with each housemate stating three things they love about themselves. Winning 100% of the wager would have helped that self-love immensely.

With materials provided by Biggie and their imaginations, the housemates went to work creating amazing outfits and rehearsing lines.

Blaqboi, Blue Aiva, Ebubu, Justin, Nana, and Tsatsii were models, while Ipeleng, Kanaga Jnr, Miracle OP, and Yvonne were designers.

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Once the first set of demos was done, the housemates strutted the runway one after the other speaking about what they loved and admired about themselves, before taking one final bow.

As is tradition, Biggie called upon the Head of the House to explain each housemate’s role. Kanaga Jnr, Nana, and Tsatsii were also accorded special accolades by Biggie before he finally announced that they had won their wager.

Did BBTitans Housemates Won The Week 9 Wager Task? 

Yes Big Brother Titans Housemates Won The Week 9 Wager Task


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