Big Brother Titans Week 8 Wager Task Result 2023

Big Brother Titans Week 8 Wager Task Result 2023
Big Brother Titans Week 8 Wager Task Result 2023



Week 8 Wager Task Result in Big Brother Titans 2023 Season 1 | Big Brother Titans Season 1 Week 8 Wager Task Result 2023 

The Big Brother Titans 2023 housemates have their wager task in week six of the reality TV show.

The Ziyakhala Wahala housemates did the wager task with all housemates participating in the task house the house to win its wager as collectives.

According to Biggie, housemates will be judged by how they present their tasks rather than by talent.

Biggie added that talent is essential, but the delivery of the task will be judged, and each level would be scored accordingly.

How The Task Went For Week eight In BBTitans

The housemates bet on themselves, staking 100% of their wager – and it paid off!

A lot was at stake for the Big Brother Titans housemates during tonight’s wager task presentation. But the odds were apparently in their favour. In line with the theme, “music madness”, the housemates had to develop three musical performances – two original compositions, and the last one a cover of any of their favourite songs. They collectively selected Burna Boy’s “Last Last”.

Additionally, Biggie expected their performance to be well executed, similar to a live performance, with dancers, backup singers, and stage managers. The housemates did deliver, as even Biggie stated that he would have sold tickets if he knew their performance would be that outstanding.

The presentation started with a short dance by Kanaga Jnr and Ipeleng, followed by Ebubu’s moving musical homage to the fallen Titans. The “broke” R&B guy, Miracle OP, then graced the stage to sing a song to a lost lover.

Head of House Ipeleng performed a poem, and genuine rockstar Ebubu and his girls wowed Biggie with his rendition of his song “Nonsense.” The performance continued with Blue Aiva showcasing her stage presence and dancing skills with help from Justin, and right before their group choir cover of Burna Boy’s song, Kanaga Jnr electrified the stage with his “Vibes” number.

Before announcing their win, Big Brother asked HoH Ipeleng to rate their presentation; she gave them a whooping 98%, solely because she believed they put in a lot of work. Luckily for her, Biggie agreed; he commended them for a worthwhile presentation and gave special recognition to Ebubu and Blue Aiva for their stellar performances.

Did BBTitans Housemates Won The Week 8 Wager Task? 

Yes Big Brother Titans Housemates Won The Week 8 Wager Task


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