Beware of WhatsApp Scams! Cybercriminals steal money using related tricks

WhatsApp scam


Cybercrime is changing day by day with the use of email, SMS, and now WhatsApp. The most used messaging app has become a cyber platform where people are fooled by various tricks. The latest trick of using WhatsApp to cheat is for these cybercriminals to pretend to be family members. The UK’s Suffolk Institute of Trade Standards has warned WhatsApp users that scammers are targeting them with fake messages posing as one of their family members.

How do I identify if it’s a WhatsApp scam or not? 

  1. Scams will try to contact you out of the blue.
  2. You can pretend to be a family member, relative, or friend, but they never like it. Confirm.
  3. Fraudsters will try to get hold of your personal or financial information.
  4. They will create situations that seem urgent and pressure you to act quickly.
  5. They will ask you to keep their conversation a secret.”

How not to display a prey of fraud?

  • You need to verify your identity.” Try to ask for information that only you and your family know. Try to contact your friends who can provide information about them.
  • Watch for grammatical or spelling mistakes. Writing style can be another way to find out if someone is really a trusted person or not.
  •  Never give out your bank details, even if you pretend to be a bank employee.
  • Never send money to someone you don’t know.” First, check the real identity of the pretending family member.
  • If you find out about a scam or cyber scam, report it. You can also report directly to WhatsApp by going to Settings – Help and then contacting us. Describe your problem there and report the scam.