Beautiful Love Lyrics By Diana Ross

Beautiful Love Lyrics By Diana Ross


Diana Ross Beautiful Love Lyrics

The first time I saw your face
Innocence captured me
It took my breath away

You smiled at me
And I am filled
Filled with Joy
More than I can say

How I wanted you
I couldn’t wait to take you in my arms
And hold you
Cause there’s no love
Like a mother’s love
It’s so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Love

As I watch you learn and play
I will do anything
To keep the boogieman away
Now I look at you
My lovely child
I’m so proud, proud of you
And it grows more each day

How I adore you
I can’t explain the depth of my love for you
This special love
It’s a mother’s love
It’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful love
Beautiful love

It’s you
I celebrate
Cause, I love you so
I hope that my words all resonate

It brings me joy to share my love
There’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful love, love
Beautiful love
Beautiful love
Beautiful love, beautiful love
I love you

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