BBTitans: “Yemi Cregx teased Blue Aiva about being an operator” I feel like you h&te me now’ – Blue Aiva replies (Video)

Yemi Cregx teased Blue Aiva about being an operator
Yemi Cregx teased Blue Aiva about being an operator



The Blue Aiva and Yemi Cregx ship may soon be dredged from the ocean floor.

Yemi Cregx teased Blue Aiva about being an operator and how he did not do as much operating as she does.

For a while now, Blue Aiva and Yemi Cregx have not flirted as heavily as they used to. Remember the two had agreed to be sneaky links in the past? They had a good run sneaking around to get kisses here and there.

They were also busy with other housemates who weren’t too happy with the triangle they were caught in. Yemi Cregx at a lot of times tried his best to convince Khosi that she was his only girl while Blue Aiva tried her best to “operate” both Blaqboi and Marvin.

After a table-shaking moment from Ebuka, the two stayed apart from each other and it was quite evident to both housemates and viewers.

Yemi Cregx took things further when he did not give Blue Aiva any shout-out during Valentine’s day dinner. Yemi Cregx complimented Khosi in a way that meant she was his and no other person was in the picture.

Today, however, Yemi Cregx was all up in Blue Aiva’s face teasing her by calling her an operator.

The name “operator” became a big deal after Lawrence had asked Blue Aiva about what she meant when she called herself an operator. Though Blue Aiva denied it, she continued to call herself an operator.

Blue Aiva acted aloof about the name as Yemi Cregx called her an operator. He admitted that he was also an operator but she was a “smooth operator”. Blue Aiva then asked him the question we all had in mind – “Are you teasing me?

Yemi said he’s already got so much going on as he always makes the eviction list from time to time, so therefore, he doesn’t want to give the people that lurk around her any more reason to always nominate him every Monday.

In his words “See I don’t want problem, I don’t want your ——-, I don’t want anyone beefing me. They nominate me every Monday already, I don’t want them to have more reasons to, Just go.”

Blue Aiva asked if he is asking them to stop talking, Yemi responded by saying they can talk/hold convo but he just feels like whenever they sit and talk, other housemates, feel like there is more to it.

Read the rest of the conversation below and watch the video:

BlueAiva – So we shouldn’t talk?

YemiCregx- No, we can definitely talk but then when we talk they feel there’s more to it.

Blue Aiva – I feel like you h&te me now…

YemiCregx- I don’t h&te you .

Blue Aiva – I f#ck with you.

YemiCregx- Just like everyone else right?

Blue Aiva- No, yours is different. Always been and always will be.

YemiCregx- Cool




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