BBTitans: Yaya set to visit Naija for the first time (PHOTOS)

Yaya set to visit Naija for the first time
Yaya set to visit Naija for the first time



South African evicted Big Brother Titans housemate, Yaya is set to visit Nigeria weeks after her eviction from the show.

The fashion model gave an update on her Instagram story.

Bbtitans' Yaya sets to visit Naija for the first time


Bbtitans' Yaya sets to visit Naija for the first time

excerpt from the interview;

“I am a processor, so I take time because things do not hit me immediately. I was just happy that I walked out of the house with Marvin, and being on that stage with him made my exit so much easier. I was just processing everything at the time.”


She admits that if she became part of a love triangle or relationship, things could have been different and she would have stayed long in the competition, she says.

“I do not want to lie if I was in a pentagon, hexagon, square, etc. I think if I shaved in somewhere ship [relationship] and just shook the boat a bit, rocked the waters a little then maybe I still could have been in the house,” she jokes.

“But I do not think I could have done anything differently because then I would not have been true to myself. If I could have pursued somebody [maybe] a little harder but that could have made things awkward because we are a pair and Marvin was the only guy I had eyes for in the house, so I did not want to put him in an awkward situation. So, apart from being on a ship, I really could not have done anything differently. I do not have any regrets.”

She says even though she will miss all the tactics she used as she tried to get Marvin’s attention, she believes their partnership was a match made in heaven. You can hear her smile from ear to ear as she relives the recollections.

“I loved every single moment. I am going to miss that man so much, I felt like I had a daily routine; brush my teeth, go to the gym, come back, find Marvin, find out what he wants to eat and make him food, then go about my day, then come back during lunchtime to find out if he’s not hungry and then make food, you know like use these only to spend time with him. I enjoyed taking care of him,” she blushes.

“And we made such a good team because we communicated so well. When it came to the arena games, I think we performed so well, especially because we are the complete opposite. I am the chubby girl, and he is a buff guy, and athletically more advantageous than me but I really did try to push myself so that I don’t cripple him. He would also tell me how smart I am, and how we made such a strong pair.”


“Having to meet Yaya, who I feel is very competitive because when it came to the games, we were really pushing and stronger together. That was my highlighted moment and having conversations with everyone. You know, getting nice clothes from Big Brother, that was also nice because I came with a lot of shorts than clothes.”

Marvin says the spark between him, and Yaya was not left in Big Brother’s house, he tells us that they are in talks about how they will continue to get to know each other.

“It was more pressure in the house because we were partnered together, and us being in a ship [relationship] it was just something that I believe wasn’t good for the game. And secondly, I feel like Yaya was really drawn to me, I didn’t want to throw in something while in the house, and then happens that I talk with someone else and make things harder. So, we had to play it safe, but now that we are out, it is something that we are talking about. We built such a special connection, so it will get stronger.”