BBTitans: Why did Biggie’s girls take an L. in the battle of the sexes game

Why did Biggies girls take an L. in the battle of the sexes game
Why did Biggies girls take an L. in the battle of the sexes game



BBTitans Battle of the sexes!

In a battle of the sexes that took place on Sunday afternoon, the girls in the house suffered a crushing defeat against the guys. Zi right i-girls?

While the housemates were preoccupied with the looming possibility of eviction, Biggie gave them something that would help put in some much-needed stretches.

Besides, the housemates were in desperate need of something that was as much fun as it was a distraction.

There’s no better way to do that than some good ol’ battle of the sexes banter.

They played a game that was divided into three rounds, each consisting of a number of activities the housemates needed to complete, following strict guidelines.

The first round took place in the afternoon.

Once the two teams had been established, the housemates nominated one person as a referee.

The referee’s job was to keep an eye on the other team and make sure that they were sticking to the rules.

The teams stood in two rows, which started by the kitchen doors. Each team member had half a tube.

All they had to do was move the ball from the starting point to the finish line using only tubes to pass the ball.

If they passed the ball successfully, they had to go to the end of the line and take another turn to pass the ball, until the finish line, where they had to drop it in a bucket.

The guys claimed a resounding victory, trouncing the ladies and exposing their lack of focus during the games.

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Afterward, the girls sat down to reflect on where they went wrong. Could it be that they have less unity among themselves than the boys, who’ve cultivated new bromances this week? By contrast, a few cliquey sisterhoods have become apparent in the house.

And while all the housemates are in for the bag, it seems the ladies could be having a hard time coming together for a common purpose.

Will we be seeing a shift in the coming days? It certainly looks like the ladies have more to gain from working together!