BBTitans: “This Pairing Is A No, It Doesn’t Make Sense One person WrOng Affect Another”- Fans React To Biggie’s Pattern 0f Eviction Following Sandra Eviction

Recall that Yesterday, 29th of January, BBTitans Sandra And Theo Traw were evicted from the Bigbrother Titans house, they are the first contestant to leave.

Remember that earlier this week Big Brother revealed that the remaining contestants would be paired up for the remainder of the show, meaning they will either win or leave the show together. This added a twist to the competition.

Sandra and Theo Traw who were paired got evicted last night. Following their eviction and Biggie’s twist, fans react.

Some reactions seen were;

“Big brother, remove that sound of eviction is not interesting and does not match the event itself the sound of BBN’s eviction, when you just heard it, you have to tremble with fear and feel something happening to you”.

“They can be pairs but wen it comes to voting no sharing”.

iam_blecare wrote;
“This pairing is a no no o, split them to take on their own fate individually. It doesn’t make sense that one person’s wrong would affect mine when they’re not husband and wife”.

meli.szn_ wrote;
“Stop this pairing trash!!!”.

angelabosibori wrote;
“Pairing is ok but when it comes to nominations and evictions it should be every man and woman for himself.Big brother should change to this ASAP koz their is no way we r gonna lose potentially housemates just bkoz of their paired partner no way.”


In other news, Nominated housemates revealed lessons learnt in Biggie’s house.

Biggie had a chat with nominated housemates about how they are doing, the lessons they have learnt, their regrets, and so much more. Here’s what the pairs had to say.


Yemi Cregx was the first housemate to go for a diary session. While there, he admitted to mixed feelings about the day but said he still felt optimistic.

Nelisa, in her diary session, said she learnt not to judge a book by its cover. She expatiated with an example of how she has gotten to know Nana, who was a bit quiet during the first week.

Both Yemi Cregx and Nelisa agreed that the most exciting part of their stay in the house has been meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.


Sandra was the first of the Santheo pair to speak with Biggie. In her session, she told Biggie she would not have any strategy moving forward if she survives the eviction tonight.

Theo Traw, on the other hand, said he regretted having fights in his first week in the house and if he could go back he would avoid fighting with any housemates. He concluded that his strategy if he survived the eviction, would be to put his emotions aside and face the game.


Yvonne doesn’t seem to be feeling her partner Justin. She revealed this to Biggie as she claimed that he wasn’t giving her the energy she would like from a partner.

Biggie, in response, told her to speak to Justin about it. Surprisingly Justin sort of feels the same about his laid-back attitude as he told Biggie that he regrets not making enough effort to be more social with his fellow housemates.


Olivia, in her session, revealed she had learnt that life was not fair because her mother, who had prayed for her to be in Biggie’s house, passed on a week before she came on the show.

Juicy Jay, in his session, told Biggie he had discovered other things about himself and has learnt to sing, act, and do other things besides being an athlete.