BBTitans: The growing bond between Ebubu and Yvonne

The growing bond between Ebubu and Yvonne
The growing bond between Ebubu and Yvonne



A day of laundry is never complete without gist.

Ebubu and Yvonne had a session of sharing premium gist as they both did their laundry early in the morning.

The laundry area in Biggie’s house has seen so many things and heard so many secrets that, if washing lines could talk, we would spend a day listening to all the secrets from the Big Brother Titans’ house.

Yesterday was another day for more gist to be spilled to the ears of the washing lines. Ebubu and Yvonne did their laundry while sharing stories about their time in the house and their lives outside of it. The two got closer after the eviction of Juicy Jay, and their friendship has grown ever since.

They both complained about the kitchen and how it was unfair to leave dirty dishes. Yvonne said if she ever was Head of House, that would be the only part of being HoH that would give her a headache as she would scream to make sure that place was cleaned, constantly. They also spoke about eviction and the fear that they experience every Sunday. Yvonne said that only Justin knows how scared she is every Sunday.

Yvonne definitely has a poker face because where is the fear girl? We barely see it. Ebubu also said he switches bedrooms after the Saturday night party to calm his nerves, but he loses it whenever the live show starts.

Ebubu and Yvonne spoke about loving the indoors and only stepping out of their houses if it were important. Ebubu pointed to this as one of the main reasons why he has not had a girlfriend for a long time.

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They also spoke about their relationships with people they had not been close to before the show started. Yvonne told Ebubu that she would not force friendships or relationships with anyone who wasn’t a friend to her before she got into the house.