BBTitans: Thabang, Mmeli Take Turn to Avenge their Sisters (Video)



Thabang and Mmeli in the ongoing Big Brother Titan seem to be averaging their South African sisters.

Nigerian housemate Yemi Cregx has been constantly playing on the South African female housemates it seems Mmeli and Thabang are out to average their sisters as take turns to play on the Nigerian female housemates.

While Mmeli is cheating on Sandra Thabang is playing Olivia around like a ball.

Recently Mmeli was caught kissing and making out with Nelisa and Blue Aiva told had to tell Sandra what she saw.


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Sandra reacting to it said, she is a flirt and if that is what Mmeli wants to do she will show him that she is also good at flirting around.

She however had a one-on-one conversation with him which did not yield any good results.

For Thabang, he has succeeded in making Olivia look desperate and worst like trash.

Olivia repeatedly confessed her admiration for the South African housemate but he has always acted like she is nothing in the end.

Many have come to conclude that the two of them are trying to give the Nigerian female housemates a test of what their brother Yemi Cregx is doing to their sisters.

But while the two of them are playing on the Nigerian ladies with their countrywomen, Yemi Cregx is doing his with the same South African women which means that Nigeria is still king in the flirting game.

Tensions are high today as at least two housemates will be leaving the show as it is eviction Sunday.


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In Other News, The most heated beefs in Biggie’s house.

Biggie may have put them in pairs so they can pursue the bag together, but that has not stopped opps from rising up among the housemates!

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In just two weeks, the housemates on Big Brother Titans have given us the content we signed up for. In quick succession, we’ve been served ships, bromances, sisterhood, and plenty of drama. And while Biggie’s pairing twist has given the housemates an incentive to fight for each other while keeping their eyes on the bag, it hasn’t stopped the gbas gbos.

Here are some of the most talked-about fallouts:


While the first week was relatively zen for the housemates, who spent much of their time adjusting to their new environment while navigating new relationships, the second week took several left turns.

The first relationship to take an explosive plunge is that of Sandra and Olivia. The two could have spent their night basking in the relief that Biggie did not send anyone home. As it turned out, that’s not as saucy as a screaming match.

It all started when Biggie announced the season’s first big twist; the housemates will be moving forward as pairs consisting of one female and one male housemate. Olivia was paired with Juicy Jay, while Sandra was paired with Theo Traw.

Olivia left Juicy Jay to go wash her hands in the bathroom. She joked about Sandra’s emotions, telling her to keep it together as she was in a happy mood. Sandra didn’t take the comment kindly, and soon the two were yelling profanities at each other.

“You are a Motorola coming up to be an iPhone 14!”, Sandra said as fellow housemates intervened to prevent the heated exchange from escalating any further. Why are cell phones catching strays?

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Within days of his arrival as one of the four new housemates Biggie introduced on Thursday, Theo Traw has made his presence felt. Despite both Jenni O and Jaypee having a reputation for being bold and assertive, Theo Traw has missed no opportunities to give his new housemates several mouthfuls.

On the morning after Sandra and Olivia’s fiery clash on Saturday, Jenni O and Theo Trey were next to engage in the gbas gbos. Things took a left turn when the housemates were reflecting on the crushing loss of their first wager task.

Theo Traw opined that the housemates have been feeling themselves a tad too much, and saw that overconfidence as the reason for the big L. He also dropped several F-bombs, which did not help the situation.

Jaypee, Jenni O, and Juicy Jay were not amused by the utterances, and they made it known. Jenni O flew into a rage and pounced on Theo Traw to give him a mouthful. Theo Traw continued talking his talk and continued to blast Juicy Jay, who was also getting worked up.


It didn’t take long for the streets to start speculating that Yemi Cregx, who’s involved in one of the most talked about ships with Khosi, could have a thing for Blue Aiva. As soon as she entered the house on Thursday, a smooth relationship began to take shape between her and Yemi Cregx.

Despite Yemi Cregx maintaining consistent proximity with Khosi, the two have continued to make progress in their situationship. By Tuesday evening, a kiss had been exchanged.

And on Friday, Khosi approached Blue Aiva with a ‘woman-to-woman’ chat. She wanted to find out if there was anything going on between Blue Aiva and her man. Blue Aiva was stunned by Khosi’s approach and told her that she does not want to be involved in the web of romance.

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When Miracle was introduced along with three other housemates on Thursday, he seemed low-key enough. But within days of his time in the house, he has seemingly scattered a mighty ship that was creating a big rival in the house. The ongoing flirtation between him and Khosi has been a source of intrigue for the streets. Less pleased is Yemi Cregx, who said he finds Miracle OP’s approach to be disrespectful.

On Friday, Yemi Cregx blasted both Miracle OP and Khosi. He wanted to know what the real nature of their relationship is and felt like he was being slighted. By Saturday, the housemates were stopping Miracle OP and Yemi Cregx from throwing hands. It appears their relationship has reached new lows.