BBTitans: Sandra’s Offence that Almost Cost Her to Earn 1st Strike

Sandra BBTitans Biography
Sandra BBTitans 



In a moment of excitement, Sandra almost earned her first strike in the Big Brother Titans Season 1 Reality TV Show, during her diary session with Biggie.

For those viewers aware of the rules and regulations of the show, the instance you’re summoned by Big Brother to enter the diary room for questioning, you’re expected to abandon anything that has been engaging your attention.

Even if you sleeping, you must surely wake up to answer Biggie’s call, or else, be sanctioned for not following the established rules that guide the game show.

About BBTitans Sandra almost got her first strike, when Big Brother called upon her to attend the diary session, she spent a few minutes taking time to arrange herself before seeing Biggie.


When she suddenly enters the room, Biggie also waited for a couple of minutes before addressing her major error.

He asked why she kept Big Brother waiting before honoring the call, stressing that it would be the last time such disrespect would ever happen.

Sandra replied, first, by stating how sorry she was, adding that it would never happen again.

She spoke on other issues concerning her partner for the forthcoming wager and housemates she nominated for possible eviction, among other topics.