BBTitans: Reasons why Olivia br0ke down in t3ars in the diary room (Video)

Olivia br0ke down in t3ars
Olivia br0ke down in t3ars



It was a teary night for Olivia and Tsastii, it looked set to be just another nomination night – and a real one, since last week’s was fake.

And real they were, but regular they weren’t. Olivia surprised viewers at home when she, firstly, broke down in tears in the diary room and, secondly, changed the pairs she and Juicy Jay had agreed to nominate.

Sitting in the diary seat, Olivia told Biggie that Juiolva had chosen to put Blaqleng and Kaniva up for nomination.

When Biggie asked for her reasons, Olivia broke into tears and confessed to Biggie that she was forced by her partner, Juicy Jay, to nominate her friend Kaniva which did not sit well with her. Biggie gave her a chance to rethink her choice, and she swapped out Kaniva, putting Yelisa up for nomination instead.

Feeling bad about it, Oliva shared with Yvonne and Nana that she was ready to leave and immediately started packing, not wanting to leave anything behind.

She wasn’t the only one in tears. Tsatsii was devastated after Biggie doled out punishment to the Royals.

On a high after winning the HoH title (the first pair to do so twice), the pair came crashing off their cloud when Biggie punished them due to Tsastii’s nomination discussions with other housemates.

Their punishment? Biggie revoked their save and replace privilege and told them they would be up for eviction. Understandably, Tsastii felt terrible about letting her partner down.

Like a popped balloon, their joy was instantly deflated, and it’s going to be a tough time on the throne for these two.

What a way to start the week! There’s bound to be plenty of tension in the house in the days to come.

Will it affect the housemates’ wager task presentation, along with relationship dynamics? Let’s carry on watching to see how it all plays out.




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