BBTitans: Reasons why Ipeleng cried a river to Biggie

Ipeleng Crying
Ipeleng Crying



Ipeleng’s diary session ended in tears.

Biggie made it an emotional one for Ipeleng during her diary session. He dug deep into her thoughts and asked her how she felt after giving Ebubu a pass to the finals instead of her partner Blaqboi.

At first, she was reluctant to speak, but her emotions got the better of her. After questioning her choice, she eventually gave in.

She told Biggie that her plan had been to choose her partner Blaqboi or her friend Tsatsii. While she was making her decision she got cold feet and opted for Ebubu instead – unprovoked, she says.

She cried a river while explaining to Biggie how regretful she is about her decision and how she has tried to make things right with Blaqboi.

Even though Blaqboi has accepted her apology she still feels bad.

During his diary session, Blaqboi admitted to Biggie that he had been expecting Ipeleng to give him the pass to the finals.

He added that he understands that it is a game but if the tables were turned he would without a doubt have taken Ipeleng with him.