BBTitans: Reactions trail moment Miracle asked Biggie about Chelsea’s match against Liverpool (Video)

Miracle asked Biggie about Chelseas match
Miracle asked Biggie about Chelseas match



A clip from the diary session of BBTitans’ housemate, Miracle speaking with Biggie about football has stirred reactions online.

The Nigerian Housemate, in the viral video, was sighted diplomatically asking Biggie about the result of a Premier League match between his team Chelsea and Liverpool that went down on Saturday, January 21.

Miracle even asked Biggie if he thinks Chelsea would do well this season.

However, Biggie responded by saying he wouldn’t want Miracle to feel blue about Chelsea, so he won’t tell him the result of the game against Liverpool.


Fans have reacted to the clip saying Miracle would be surprised by the time he leaves the BBTitan house to find out that Chelsea and Liverpool played a goalless draw.


 Miracle asked Biggie about Chelsea’s match
Miracle asked Biggie about Chelsea’s match



In other news, Olivia and Lukay had a long chat about Miracle OP and Yemi Cregx.

The most unlikely pair today had a gist session in the garden that had us glued to our TV screens.

Olivia and Lukay had a long chat in the garden about the fight between Miracle OP and Yemi Cregx.

They both agreed that Khosi was playing a game with Miracle OP and Yemi Cregx because they found her movements between the two male housemates suspicious.

Olivia, who looked really concerned, came to the conclusion that if Khosi is not careful, her game plan will blow up in her face. The two then moved on to discussing other ships in the house.

The gossip pair believe Yvonne is settling for Juicy Jay because she can’t have who she really wants. Lukay mentioned that Yvonne tried to escape Juicy Jay’s clutches, but his insistence got her in a chokehold.

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Speaking of Juicy Jay, Lukay told Olivia that Juicy Jay was also after Ipeleng at some point, but she just did not pay him any attention.

Lukay also touched base on his ship, making it clear that no other guy would step up to Ipeleng in the house.

His ego is too big for him to question Ipeleng, and he knows that if any man steps up to her, she is definitely going to spill the tea to him when they have their private moments.

The pair rounded up their session with the claim that Khosi was leading Miracle OP, Thabang, and Yemi Cregx on.

They said Khosi was playing a game, and it was definitely working for her because viewers must have been entertained by the fight between Miracle OP and Yemi Cregx.


In other news, Marvin talked to Jaypee in the garden about his attraction to her and the reasons for his feelings for her.

Marvin talked to Jaypee in the garden about his attraction to her and the reasons for his feelings for her.

Marvin admitted to Jaypee that he liked her but was attracted to other girls and was attempting to navigate his feelings for them.

Jaypee, who was intrigued, inquired about which of the housemates he was also interested in, and then mentioned a few names.

Marvin avoids answering the question, but Jaypee does not appear satisfied with being told she is the object of Marvin’s attraction.

Marvin seemed unphased when Jaypee asked how he would react if the tables were turned. In fact, he admitted to being drawn to Jaypee because they hold similar views on the issue of relationships in the house.

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What were these similar ideologies?

Jaypee had told Marvin that she had decided not to dwell on finding a love interest in the house, but that she was not completely against the idea.

She also revealed that she was not an enthusiast of ships moving beyond the four walls of the house and had made up her mind that it could be a possibility if she gets into a ship.

Marvin responded to all of this by saying that he understands how being in the house causes people to seek relationships and that he has decided to focus solely on “vibes” because he wants a relationship that will last beyond the house.