BBTitans: Nana finally shoots her shot (Reasons)

Nana finally shoots her shot
Nana finally shoots her shot



And Justin puts her in the friend zone corner – no wonder she’s looking frail today …

It’s day 63 and Baby Justin is apparently okay with being alone. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen ships sail and sink in Biggie’s house – and Justin, Nana, and Ebubu are the only ones that seem to have missed cupid’s arrow.

Perhaps feeling the pinch of FOMO, Nana has been trying her luck with Justin. We don’t blame her: the house has been all about smooches and cuddles for the love birds of late.

After the Saturday night party, Khosi and Justin had a chat about the latter’s love life – or lack thereof.

Khosi made it clear to Justin that it’s very evident that Nana fancies him. Unfortunately for Nana, Justin’s main focus is the game and he doesn’t believe a hook-up will do him any favors.

“It’s rare like if you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s like three months and then, you know … I don’t really believe in being in a stable relationship,” he shared with Khosi.

Even after Khosi shared memories of several occasions when Nana was giving hints to Justin, he still failed to read between the lines. “No, Thank you,” was his overarching sentiment.

Is there any chance for this very late ship?