BBTitans: Marvin Expresses Disappointment in Head of House

Last night’s nomination for eviction has got Marvin very pained, the guy has been explaining to whoever cares to listen how scared he is already.

His pain is that he was not nominated by the majority of the housemate but he was used to replacing a housemate who was picked by a majority of the housemate.

Marvin feels he is very close to the head of house Kanagar and Blue Aiva especially Kanagar Jnr so for them to use him to replace Yemi Cregx and Nelisa is what is hurting him.

Though out the day yesterday he was with him and they even played a movie role together so it was surprising for him to see that the one he thought he was closest to will do that to him.

Yemi Cregx and Nelisa’s nomination was a surprise to many as Yemi has been on the lips of many as a playboy. But his saving grace is the fact that one of his concubines is the head of the house.

Blue Aiva is Yemi’s latest girl in the house and it was obvious she convince Kanagar to use Marvin to replace Yemi so that her guy will be saved.

Marvin explained to Juicy Jay said he thought Kanagar Jrn is the housemate he is connected to the most in the house so it was surprising that he picked him.

Kanagar on the other hand was with Yaya trying to explain how hard it was for him to accept the challenge to use him to replace Yemi.

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In other news, Yaya reprimands Mmeli.

Yaya spoke with Mmeli last night about his attitude toward Nelisa. She chastised him for ignoring Nelisa after an intimate moment with her a few days before.

The housemates had just finished the Head of House games and nominations, so emotions were running high in the BBTitan’s house last night. While they were in their feelings, the housemates spoke much about the nominations and their relationships with the other housemates.

One of these involved Mmeli and Yaya. Remember how we said Nelisa and Mmeli had a little cozy moment after the Saturday night party? (Click the link below for the gist). However, it appears that the two have not remained close since then.

Mmeli apparently stopped talking to her, and Yaya was not having it. Yaya told Mmeli during their conversation that he should not have been intimate with Nelisa because they had just partied and her actions may not have come from a clear mind. Yaya wasn’t too concerned about their intimacy, but she did want Mmeli to stop ignoring Nelisa.

Yaya informed him that she had expressed her disappointment to Nelisa, but she will not tolerate Mmeli acting childish about the moment he shared with her.

Though Mmeli did not expressly say why he was not speaking with Nelisa, social media was on fire around conversations about his attitude.

We hope Mmeli and Nelisa are able to sort out their differences and move on.